New Tech Makes Managing and Using Your Cloud Files a Breeze

Google Drive is one of the most user-friendly cloud storage solutions out there to date. It sports deeply empathetic UX and UI with features such as offline document access and offline editing, self-syncing during times of stable internet connectivity, easy content organization, and flexible sharing settings for both folders and individual documents/sheets/media. However, it too requires some troubleshooting from time to time and moreover, it can be a hassle to keep switching between Google Accounts just to view different work drives.

With FilePod, you can have all your cloud storage accounts elegantly organized and displayed in one single view after one single login. FilePod is a featherweight, pocket-sized gadget that packs a serious punch. It allows for fast, seamless and secure access to numerous cloud services (and it’s sync-savvy).

Getting Started with FilePod Is as Easy as 1-2-Well That’s It Actually!

To set up your super nifty new device simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect FilePod to your PC or mobile device with a USB cable and hop onto WiFi.
  2. Using the web browser login and configure your dashboard by clicking on the storage account apps (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive) you wish to add, then logging into all your cloud storage accounts, and finally selecting if you want to synchronize ALL files or only SELECTED directories. Note that after this initial setup you are good to go!

Once a cloud storage account is added to FilePod and the user has selected what to synchronize, FilePod will do all the hard work in synchronizing and organizing all content from that point on.

This gadget is impressively easy to integrate into your daily life. Use FilePod as your standard USB drive — open and edit files, create directories, cut and paste files, etc.. FilePod’s SD card simply displays as a mounted USB Disk on your computer, and users can employ their standard file manager apps to access content (ex. File Explorer on Windows and Finder on MacOS, respectively).

The Specs Are Spectacular


FilePod can be used with any host device (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android) — blending into the host environment and allowing you to use the host’s native interface as if you’re using any other typically attached storage.


FilePod can be used like a flash drive (using USB) or can be accessed wirelessly over WiFi. This device is optimal for both personal and professional use. Take traveling for instance, you can access all of your necessary work files as well as your entire video library for in-transit entertainment.


FilePod can be accessed with or without internet connection while in ‘Offline Mode’. Then as soon as connectivity becomes available, all interactions or changes to files are automatically synchronized.


FilePod enables you to access files using any device without sacrificing the precious storage space on your personal mobile device. In addition you may eliminate the disarray of holding multiple copies of files across devices.


Device passwords are not stored in the cloud and your FilePod password is only known to you. No need to trust your cloud passwords with any third party vendors! Sign in to all of your cloud data providers using OAuth2, providing data access to FilePod while protecting your login credentials.


FilePod is built from-ground-up with strong security features to protect your data. All data is encrypted using industry-standard AES 128. In case of theft, you can remotely wipe all data off the device while your data remains safely synchronized with your cloud provider. All communication between you, your FilePod and your cloud data provider use SSL-secured HTTPS connections.

To learn more about FilePod, visit our informational video here.

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