Taming Digital Clutter

Your on-the-go workSpot with filePod mobile digital office solution

In this day and age, just about everyone with a computer struggles with digital clutter. Whether you are the type of person who has a thousand neatly named files organized within an extensive folder hierarchy in Dropbox, or you’re the sort that jumps from their company’s Sharepoint to their desktop and back again, we can all relate to that moment when you’re looking for a file and not entirely sure where to find it.  Now, if you’re like me, you’re juggling a handful of customers and your shared directories are organized, but difficult to manage. You’ve probably thought to yourself that there must be a better way than constantly jumping from web app to web app, account to account.

Finally, there is.

Here enters FilePOD —a portable device that doubles as an anchoring point for all your cloud accounts, as well as a local content manager.

Take this blog for example. Here I am, sitting at my gate on my way to the next Dreamforce conference, and I’m itching to get some work done. You know as well as the next guy that not all airport wifis are created equal. I could sit here for the next two hours, fighting to gain even the simplest access to my files on their various web apps (let alone trusting the connection that gets me there), or I could pull out my FilePOD and have immediate access to all my files, across all their platforms.

Was the latest version of that one demo stored in customer A or customer B’s Sharepoint? Did we distribute through one of my countless Dropbox directories, or did this customer prefer Google Drive?

Well, you see where this is going.

FilePOD’s two-way-sync applications allow you to not only access all these documents from one centralized point, but also gives you the capability to add a multitude of user accounts. Better yet, once you connect to the internet, your files sync after every change. Even with multiple two-way-sync applications, the accounts synchronize regardless of if the change is made in the cloud storage account or in the corresponding account directory on FilePOD’s SD card. You don’t even have to worry about configuring the directory structure of these accounts, as FilePOD integrates the directory structure straight from the cloud storage account itself. The device supports services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon drive.

Now, I’ve got to be honest here, I had a few caveats when I first got this gadget. First, if I was going to be trusting it with both my and my customer’s files, it had to have some security options. I was pleasantly surprised with the included ability to encrypt FildPOD’s content for additional confidence in the safety of my files. Second, I am obviously a traveler. One week my customers could require a presentation in Beijing, and the next week I could be halfway to London for another conference. It is pretty imperative that I have access to whatever resources I need, regardless of my location. With FilePOD, once you’ve connected your accounts they become accessible via a secure connection from any location in the world.

This handsome little device has almost instantaneously simplified my day-to-day business. As a marketing and content developer for my many customers, it falls to me to keep organized amidst the great onslaught of digital clutter. Efficiency is key to my successful partnerships, and everything that can make my life just that much easier is a welcome addition to my portfolio of tools. As they say, it may be small, but FilePOD’s capacity to optimize my workflow sure is mighty. Cut out the extra steps, add this pocket-sized middleman to do all the dirty work for you, and enjoy a simplified version of the organization and access we all wish to attain.